• MagWin

    MagWin USB is truly portable and will install on any Windows compatible computer with no software installation required! Have you ever wanted to check your email or surf the web on the go? You can use the MagWin at a hotel, public library, school, even a friends or family members computer.
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  • Free Apps

    These Free Apps have been created with the Low Vision person in mind. Featuring easy to use interfaces and large type, these apps will make your phone easier to use.
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Are you having problems seeing what is on your computer screen?

MagWin screen reader can help! MagWin reading software enlarges what is on your computer screen. MagWin incorporates our ground breaking screen magnification/reading software into an easy to use software package.


Works on any computer Font smoothing for clear text
Reduces glare Mouse enhancements
100% portable Zoom scroll bars
No administration privileges required XP\Vista\Windows 7/8 compatible

Clarix is leading the way by designing state of the art assistive technology devices for helping individuals maintain their independent lifestyles.  Whether you are a student, business executive or retiree, there is a Clarix product to help.