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8 Best Network Attached Storage Devices

Network Attached Storage Devices stand out in its fast speed and user-friendliness. Besides, its high-portability is also a chief advantage that lures consumers to trust in one. The hunt for the best Network Attached Storage Devices attainable for your usage might look easy, but it’s not. In the first place, Trial and Error can undoubtedly waste your time. So check out these 8 top Network Attached Storage Devices and decide which one is suitable for you.

DiskStation DS216j

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Source: Synology – Efficiently simple NAS device

Introducing an all-in-one, easy-to-use, high-performing and eco-friendly Network Attached Storage device recognized for its quick data transfer speed, efficient performance and low power consumption. Reading performance rates up to 112 MB/s while writing performance rates up to 98 MB/s.

With Cloud Station Suite, your files are always synchronized across any of your devices. It’s equipped with a tough hardware encryption engine to protect the privacy of your storage content. DiskStation DS216j centers on seamless integration and synchronization at the same time on coherent multimedia streaming. Transferring large files, browsing images and processing thumbnails with suitability and comfort is not an issue here. This is worth a purchase especially for users who are in dire need of a media storage outlet.

WD My Cloud Personal

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Source: B&H – A guaranteed storage utility convenience

As its starting line goes, “Everything in One Place” – My Cloud Personal certainly lives up to its saying. Through this convenient personal storage unit, you can organize all your videos, photos and files and access it anywhere using any of your devices as long as you’re reachable with an Internet Connection. Simply plug into your home network, this Network Attached Storage device allows you to centralize all your personal data into one dependable and secure personal storage.

You can collect photos and share it with your contacts with utmost convenience given that it’s enlaced with a synchronization and WD Smartware Pro backup software, which will keep your content from your devices constantly updated. It can take a large storage capacity of 3TB to 8TB, in lined with a Gigabit Ethernet Interface, and can be compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Mavericks, Mac OS, Yosemite, Mountain Lion, and X El Capitan.

Buffalo LinkStation LS220D

Speedy, affordable, user-friendly, and capable for demanding storage errands, there are many good of reasons why this is trusted by many users. It’s primed for its great capacity, safety and convenience with ample collection of features. Using your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can store your files and stream them anywhere with ease and flexibility. You can create a private cloud with its free WebAccess service while accessing and sharing your files over the Internet’s availability.

What’s best is its Private Cloud Solution that guarantees the privacy of your storage content, thankfully, without the burden of monthly fees. Aside from all that, Buffalo LinkStation LS220D offers no file size and transfer limitation as well as an expansive capacity for your data. Storage capacities vary from 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, to 8TB.


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Source: Nusantara-store – An innovative functionality

An innovative network storage perfect for entertainment and education — QNAP TAS-168 serves as the ideal media center for anyone interested in a satisfactory app and multimedia experience. This comes as the first ever NAS performing two systems, respectively Android™ and QTS.

The combination of two powerful systems results in a simple and effective data storage and the exciting opportunity of endless application. Thanks to Android™, you can install several apps; and experience an overall efficient multimedia and data transmission performance together with a tight storage security because of QTS. Either the two of these, you can gain accessibility of all your documents and media files. QNAP TAS-168 also accommodates large assortments of videos, images and music with the expediency of supporting a capacity of terabyte-storage. This is an extremely handy and a must-use storage device that holds abundant apps applicable for education and entertainment.

Asustor AS3202T

This evolving Network Attached Storage Device is armed with a hardware transcoding engine and an Intel Celeron quad-core processor that allows speedy performance for graphic processing. Asustor AS3202T has read speeds and write speeds rating of over 112 MB/s and 110 MB/s respectively. Also, it is powered with dual-channel memory of 2GB to experience a smoother high-quality 4k video.

Not only is it competent, but it also focuses on energy efficiency, with a pricing that matches its proficient performance. This elegant diamond-plate Network Attached Sotorage tool has a stress-free conversion method and advanced transcoding capabilities that blazes up your multimedia utility. It’s equipped with an Intel AES-NI encryption that keeps your data secured from data-eating predators and viruses. Asustor AS3202T makes it certain that your data storage performance is matched with reliable protection, which is one of the device’s top priorities.

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay

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Source: CNET – A sleek high-definition device

Here, you can easily access your stored data — be it photos, music, documents or videos — you name it; this is a solid yet simple performing data depository device suitable for anybody. Price reasonably varies depending on the storage capacities your data need, ranging from 3Tb to 8TB. Its total exterior design quickly strikes minimalism, which is sleekly a good charmer for buyers as well as a neat-looking interface. Users searching for convenient data accessibility will surely have to keep an eye on this one. Moreover, accessing to apps is also remarkably painless. Though its write performance is not that strong, this doesn’t take away the fact Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay is still a minimalist, excellent SSD.

Apple AirPort Time Capsule

If what you’re in search of is a Network Attached Storage device that boasts in excellent data storage performance without having to mind about the price, Apple AirPort Time Capsule might be what you’re looking for. Of course, you can’t invest your important data in an incompetent device, so you definitely need one that will meet all your expectations. Aside from it being a completely wireless hard drive, it is powered up with an advanced 802.11ac technology, making it a full-packaged Wi-Fi base station, which enables you to seamlessly enjoy Wi-Fi usage up to three times speedier.

It also features a smart beam-forming antenna array that allows a quicker, clearer and more powerful Wi-Fi signal. You can store your data and access it effortlessly in the drive’s ranging capacity of up to 2TB and 3TB. In addition to that, you can painlessly do file-sharing and hard drive sharing in full security and compatibility.