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The Finest Cloud Storage Services

Are you currently on the lookout for the most eminent Cloud Storage Services accessible? Then you’re on the right spot to discover one and get started.


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Source: Tuexperto – A Versatile Cloud Storage Service

Dropbox offers a versatile way of keeping your files simple and organize. Using a Dropbox account is free and lets you enjoy 2GB of space while Dropbox Plus caters 1TB of space including additional features, which is a paid subscription. It lets you synchronize your files smartly; manage photos and documents effortlessly; share files, be it videos or photos; has supportive servers; and most of all, it has a reliable storage service. Highly used by everyone, the only downside of Dropbox is that it’s expensive, which is not so bad; after all you have topay the price for a data storage that specially treats your files. The bottom line is that: Dropbox is definitely worth the money.


With Mega, you can instantly access 50GB of storage for free and rely your files on a highly protected, end-to-end encryption, which you can’t find mostly on other cloud storage services. This is available for every major platforms and is globally accessible by using a web browser or any of their remarkable apps. You can sync your videos and photos, share data, stream your documents, upload from mobile apps, and communicate with all your contacts with the assurance that your workflow is managed with integrated security. Choosing Mega is a great avenue to deliver your privacy needs at the same time a great outlet for generous storage space.

Media Fire

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Source: CrackBerry – Simply blazing performance

If you need a simple workflow that proffers powerful features, Media Fire is what you need. Here, you can store files for 10Gb free of charge; collaborate effortlessly with any file type; share docs, audios, videos, and photos; and access your files with full convenience. Its professional service allows you to store your files with ease and upload multiple files at once. If you want to keep control all your private documents, its One-Time Link feature makes sure that all the files you share with someone won’t be accessed by anyone else. Media Fire handles your files just perfectly as the way you want it.

Google Drive

Google Drive leads when it comes to collaboration functionality. You can trust your files with its 15GB free online storage. When using Google productivity apps, you can enjoy generous storage space for free. Impressive file-syncing and excellent productivity suite – Google Drive is trusted by millions of users. You can create spreadsheets, build presentations and share your files with its Docs, Sheets and Slide apps as well as create Google Forms, flow charts and diagrams. Using SSL, your data is encrypted and designed to be in crucial in security. Drive’s excellent features lets you scan your documents flexibly, work offline; store files privately, revision history and collaborate online effortlessly.


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Source: Apptivo – Reliable usage access

OneDrive is known for its rich, powerful feature set and its reliable usability. Integrated with Windows 10, its service includes flexible syncing and enhanced mobile interface, working great on all devices. You can access your photos and documents may it be on your PC, iOS, Android or Mac, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you can seamlessly collaborate with, PowerPoint, Excel, WOrd and OneNote from any device. OneDrive is very advantageous for employees as it is backed with tools that protect company data.


iCLoud starts with free 5GB storage available for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac devices. Here, you can securely store your videos, photos, files from any of your devices. Of course, if you need a larger space for your larger collections, you can always upgrade your storage plan. Aside from that, it offers a clear and rich web interface and reliable file-syncing. Even though it’s quite expensive, ICloud gives great and worthwhile service for Apple app users.


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Source: Haverzine – Wide-ranging productivity

Easy to use, organize and secure, Box is designed for productivity and great functionality. Streaming your files is in accelerating work – easily accessed, secured and effortlessly synchronized. You can sign up for free with available 10GB Storage and upgrade personal plan for larger and flexible storage space. Box is extremely popular for its Business Plans, with its advanced security, synchronization, file-sharing, and customizations. Box prioritizes your content’s security and accessibility, with tight encryption and backup systems that offer 99.9% SLAs to protect your confidential files.Customizing your files is easy, with powerful range of apps and feature set. Either online or offline, you can access and share your files wherever your feet may take you


With pCLoud, you can receive a generous 20GB gratification of free storage. Its interface is impressively clean, with an organized setup that allows you to navigate with ease. In addition to that, pCloud guarantees the maximum level of encryption for all your private files and keep it protected with its resilient security using pCloud Crypto. You can share files with your contacts and stream your photos, videos and documents anywhere you go. Moreover, pCloud also gives no limit to any file size upload and provides enterprise-level security.

Amazon Cloud Drive

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Source: Multipelife – Noteworthy media service

Getting started with its free account gives you 5GB of free storage. Amazon Cloud Drive is another noteworthy tool for data storage. You can securely store your files, videos and photos and access it from any of your devices —using Amazon Cloud Drive means placing your data in one secure position. One thing about this is that it offers good service in backing up photos, and provides unlimited space for photos to Amazon Prime members. If you’re more into keeping photos and don’t know where to store your large collections, this is a good destination to try. It focuses on giving your images the suitable space you need as well as a pleasant web interface.


IDrive offers rich variety of features for a more efficient content management. It backups different devices into a single account as well secures your files with 256-bit AES encryption and protects your data storage from ransomware threats. You can use 5GB of storage for free or upgrade it up to 2TB and more. It’s a great choice for online backup and syncing service. Its online backup is paired up with IDrive ExpressTM that enables your data and initial data transfer to be protected without bandwidth utilization. What’s more is that it’s affordable and manageable.