USB gadgets that make your work easier

Walk straight

We are all aware that long sessions are bad for your health, but many jobs require you to sit for most of the day. Stand Up helps you reduce the damage caused by your office lifestyle.

The Upright Go is a slim, smart device that you can squeeze into your upper back and train you to sit better – it vibrates slightly to alert you when you pull. It comes with a phone app so you can see stats about your attitude, goals, and how you’ve improved over time.

Beam Smart projectors

With the Beam Smart beamer you can turn any surface into a screen. You can connect it to any light socket or use the included power cord and control it with the device’s Beam Remote. You can stream your device’s screen or install applications such as Google Slides or Adobe Acrobat Reader on Beam’s internal computer.

Watch a presentation or share content on your smart device and make your meeting or sales network more attractive.

eBeam Smartmarker

Make your meetings and pitch sessions more efficient and interactive by sharing your whiteboard notes around the world in real time with eBeam Smartmarker.

Insert almost all common dry erase markers into the Smartmarker socket and the data you write or draw will be captured and shared. After the conference or ideas, you don’t have to send a lot of inaccurate photos, just share notes with your team or clients. With EBeam Smartmarker, location cannot limit your communication as you can use it on any writing surface.

TimeFlip (TimeFlip)

TimeFlip is for anyone who wants to manage time and increase productivity. TimeFlip is a cube with 12 flat pages to which you can assign tasks.

When you complete a specific task, be it working on a project, reading emails, or taking a break, place TimeFlip so that a specific task is in front of you. The time registration starts automatically and all statistics are stored in the cloud. No filling schedules!

You can get a full graphical analysis of the time spent in the last day, week, month or even a year using the app or web interface.

Morning Sidekick Journal

Not a morning person? Or are you just looking for advice to achieve personal development? This diary is for you! The Morning Sidekick Journal is a collection of the best science tips and strategies to boost your morning productivity and prepare for the day. It’s fun and easy, and it only takes 3 minutes in the morning to build a new road.

According to behavioral studies from the European Journal of Social Psychology, habit formation is successful in 66 days, so this review divided 66 days into three phases that promote growth. And they offer a 50-year money-back guarantee! Sounds like a solid guarantee of success!


Saent is a productivity tool that consists of a physical button and an application that blocks annoying websites and applications. According to the makers of Saent: “Receiving a physical or visual signal makes a behavioral change much stronger if there is something in the environment that really reminds you of it.

The button also serves as a visual cue to your colleagues to show you when you are busy and not distracted and when to take a break to recharge. Saent can also generate reports on productivity and work habits so that you can analyze your productivity.

Fidgi pen

Many of us click our pens, jump to our feet, or swing something in some other way from time to time while in a meeting and working on a project problem or puzzle.

Studies show that restlessness helps people to focus and stay relaxed during stressful or boring tasks. The Fidgi Pen offers an unobtrusive solution for staying calm and focused. It has 7 properties a