5 Important Factors before Buying a USB Storage Device

image002 - 5 Important Factors before Buying a USB Storage Device

Heaps of choices

With the advent of technology, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to data storage devices and services. It’s all on the open market, and all you have to do is choose the best selection. But with the heaps of choices on hand, it’s difficult to pick the perfect one for you. If you’re not a techie, then it will be more difficult to engage with the tedious compare-and-contrast process. So, here are 5 important factors to consider before you shell out your hard-earned money for this quite essential tech tool.


image004 - 5 Important Factors before Buying a USB Storage Device
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What’s the best USB?

The most vital factor, of course, is quality. The competition is hard, hence there are seriously a lot of low-quality products lurking on the corner, waiting for naïve buyers. Always choose quality over quantity. If a product seems too good to be true, then it might something else. Don’t take the bait of cheap yet unreliable items. Generally, overly cheap product means low quality components or even recycled ones. So, it is advisable to choose those from distinguished companies that have already created a name in the tech industry. For easier comparison, the best quality USB storage device have ISO 9001.2008 Certification, which means a higher standard for quality and reliability. Powerful products also comes with Class A memory and sturdy dimensions.

Data Storage

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Storage for your favorite files

Storage capacity comes in different sizes― from small MB to whopping GB. Normally, the bigger the storage, the pricier it gets. When you select a USB, consider the amount of files you’re planning to store in your device, and don’t forget to allocate an extra space for emergency purposes. To give you a glimpse of how much storage capacity you need: an MP3 music usually eats up to 4 MB, a photo image occupies at least 2 to 3 MB, and a video ranges from 50- 100 MB, depending on the length.


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Faster speed

Well, you don’t want a USB storage that would take forever just to open or store your files, right? Technology is never constant, and so as advancements. These efficient tools ultimately make everything more convenient. For a more suitable file sharing and storage, choose USB drivers that are compatible with USB 3.0 ports to ensure a speedier transfer.


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Secure your stuff

Another imperative element for USB-buying is the security. This is very crucial as you will be keeping most of your important files on a tiny tech tool. Flash drives are very easy to misplace or steal. Accordingly, it is wise enough to invest in a good USB with some degree of security like password protection or fingerprint scan. Having this distinctive and decisive features ensure that all your confidential files are intact and safe. No one can access your USB even if they get a hold of it.


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What are the inclusions?

To complete the list, accessories are great to complement an item. USB accessories may include packaging, key chain, lanyard strap, cord and more. So, might as well consider the little extras that come with your USB purchase.