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The most stylish technical equipment

Echo exhibition

While you can do almost anything with this speaker with video (watch TV, FaceTime friends, etc), we think it’s especially useful for keeping a kitchen. Here you can see step-by-step recipes, set timers, play music and add items to your seller list with Alexa commands, making dinner easy.

Slim ladies watch with fossil touchscreen

Tech meets style in this great Fossil smartwatch. You can see notifications and alerts, manage music, track your fitness goals and more while wearing your favorite outfit.

Plate with replaceable battery

Where is your phone now? Your keys? If you’re not quite sure, you could be the type to take advantage of the Matte Tile model so you never waste your stuff again. All you need to do is attach the box to the keychain and then download the Tile app to your phone. When your phone is gone, press the song button to play (even when it’s silent). If the keys disappear, you also have to use the app on your phone to call them. Easy commas.

The WT2 language translates the headphones

Yep, that’s the real deal. You can now use headphones that translate sounds in 40 languages ​​and 93 accents at the same time. Just unpack them and talk to the locals wherever you are. Take aerial photos you’ve always dreamed of with the affordable Mavic Mini, which is almost as light as a smartphone. If you’ve never flown drones before, this is the perfect way to test the waters.

Alexa’s first alarm compatible fire alarm

Put safety first with this smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that doubles as a speaker and Alexa device. Download the First Alert Onelink Home app to receive notifications about your home, monitor your carbon monoxide levels and adjust your night light. Connected to your Alexa device, Amazon’s smart connectors let you control lights, fans, appliances and more with a simple voice command or by tapping an app when you’re remote. You can even program the app to automatically run routines like Startup Candles and Coffee Makers on one request.

Smart Wi-Fi LED lamp

Yes you are reading this now, even your onions can be smart. The dimmable LIFX lamp provides natural warm white light, saves energy and makes life easier. If you feel too tired to get to the switch, just turn on the light bulb with the app or Alexa voice control.