post4 - Everlast notebook

Everlast notebook

Everlast Notebook is made for people who still want the pen and paper experience of the digital age. Write there with one Pilot Frixion line pen, scan your notes with Rocketbook to transfer them to one of your favorite cloud services, then wipe the pages with a damp cloth. So easy! The Everlast Notebook feels […]

USB gadgets that make your work easier

Walk straight We are all aware that long sessions are bad for your health, but many jobs require you to sit for most of the day. Stand Up helps you reduce the damage caused by your office lifestyle. The Upright Go is a slim, smart device that you can squeeze into your upper back and […]

image004 6 - Great USB gadgets

Great USB gadgets

With the popularity of computer, more and more USB devices are used in our daily life. Today I’ll show you 10 great USB models. Some of them have a really creepy feature like “USB Dance Mat” and some of them have some kind of utility like “USB Panic Button”. Either way, take your time and […]