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Everlast notebook

Everlast Notebook is made for people who still want the pen and paper experience of the digital age. Write there with one Pilot Frixion line pen, scan your notes with Rocketbook to transfer them to one of your favorite cloud services, then wipe the pages with a damp cloth. So easy!

The Everlast Notebook feels like a regular laptop, but is made of polyester composite, making it infinitely recyclable. And with Rocketbook, you can keep your notes perfectly organized in an instant.

Gotek: Wireless scrolling keyboard with BT speaker

This wireless keyboard and Bluetooth speaker can be easily connected to any mobile device with a screen size of up to 10 inches, making the remote control much more comfortable. You can take it anywhere because it is compact, lightweight and these two elements are easy to use separately.
Make some last minute changes to your presentation or have a conference call anywhere.

Mobicase (Mobicase)

How convenient would it be to take your workplace with you everywhere? On the train, in a cafe, in the park or somewhere else? Mobicase gives you exactly that – a compact, carefully designed laptop bag that turns into an ergonomic workplace.

Perfect for digital nomads, travelers, or anyone who hates the hassle of assembling or packing. The sleek design offers more than 20 functions that keep you organized and create a comfortable and functional workspace anywhere.


Catchbox is a disposable microphone designed to make meetings, events and conferences more attractive, encourage participation and make couples more fun in general. Portable, lightweight and adaptable design Catchbox offers three versions of the product best suited for different room sizes.

Careful design ensures that the microphone and interceptor itself are not damaged, and the built-in automatic technology helps prevent unwanted noise.

Coffee pixels

While Coffee Pixels isn’t a gimmick on its own, it will definitely boost your productivity. Whole coffee fruit antioxidants and fiber packed in a 10g chocolate chip will give you 4 hours of energy without breaking down caffeine, simply because your body absorbs coffee more slowly this way.

Also remember the added bonus that you can try the hassle of specialty coffee anywhere for free – on a walk, at home, on a plane, or sprint to a project deadline.

SmartDesk mini

Standing tables offer many benefits in the workplace, but they usually cost a fortune like a regular desk, and many employers are not eager to get expensive and large tables.

Enjoy the benefits of a standing table with the Smart-Desk mini – an affordable, stylish, portable and adjustable standing table. With Smart-Desk mini you can turn any ordinary desktop into a standing desk, whether you work with a laptop or a desktop.


ButterflyVPN is a USB device that allows you to surf the web safely and conveniently from anywhere in the world. This is true even in countries with a lot of censorship. Affordable, easy to use and perfect for traveling or working abroad. ButterflyVPN allows you to turn any public Wi-Fi hotspot into a secure virtual private network that encrypts your private data, allows you access to restricted websites, and even blocks those annoying pop-up ads. All you need is a power supply such as a USB connection, a power bank or laptop and a WiFi hotspot. At the same time, up to 10 different devices can be connected, so share a safe and stable internet with your colleagues.

ChargeWrite +

Here’s a smart pen that packs a lot of features from a little inside that covers you. 16GB memory stick, power bank, pen and screen cleaner for your smart devices and of course a classic pen. ChargeWrite + gives you much-needed enhancement to your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. The right multi-tool for your everyday business needs.

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