image004 6 - Great USB gadgets

Great USB gadgets

With the popularity of computer, more and more USB devices are used in our daily life. Today I’ll show you 10 great USB models. Some of them have a really creepy feature like “USB Dance Mat” and some of them have some kind of utility like “USB Panic Button”. Either way, take your time and hope you enjoy it.

USB digital camera

Designer Sungwoo Park created the EazzzY USB interface / digital camera without buttons, LCD screen and viewfinder. The idea is that every time you connect the camera to your computer to download photos, you’ll be amazed at what’s going on there. The idea is to combine “acting as an analog camera” with the convenience of digital portability and image display.

Ravage Transformer USB stick

Turn your flash drive into a transformer! Ravage Transforming USB Flash drive has 2GB storage, it can be a mini cassette (flash drive) and can also be made into a bad cat.

USB beverage cooler

You have heard of USB heaters. This is designed to keep your drinks cool through a USB computer. The Usb Drink Cooler is a cool set that includes a space-saving beverage cooler that keeps the drink cool at 45 degrees and can be installed in a can, bottle or glass.

USB shirt with air conditioning

Need a fan for your shirt in the summer, weird idea? An air-conditioned USB jacket from Japan with a USB fan that blows cool air into the jacket, which is only used by a powered USB stick. You can wear this shirt and plug this shirt into a USB port of your computer or laptop or other devices. Stay cool all summer.

USB desktop vacuum cleaner

Fun to use! Keep the office clean! A small, retro-shaped vacuum cleaner plugs into your computer’s USB port to keep your desk and workstation free of dust and crumbs. The movable handle allows you to move from vertical to almost flat, just like the right one! 45 inch cord. 8 “tall.

USB microscope

This USB microscope with a magnification up to 200x (resolution up to 1600 x 1200). You just connect it to your computer, you see a picture on the computer screen where the USB microscope is pointing.

USB panic button

The USB Panic Button looks like an emergency button with which you can switch screens. Just press a button, it cleans your computer screen of suspicious websites and opens an annual report or email as your boss walks by, so it doesn’t grab your mouse where it doesn’t. Shouldn’t be. Do you want to play the piano? Now there is something that we are extremely proud of and know what the music in you loves. It’s a USB Roll Up Piano, and frankly, it saves you the unattainable task of trying to put a grand piano between a sofa and a TV. Simply download the software to your computer. Then plug in a USB Roll Up Piano, your computer will display a piano key and on-screen control panel. USB Roll Up Piano that mixes instruments, effects, rhythms and beats just like an electronic keyboard. When you’re done playing, flip the keyboard up and place it in the box.