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Work productivity tools

There are so many things we can optimize to be as productive as possible: to-do lists, eating habits, sleep patterns, timeouts. And now we have even more tools at our disposal that allow us to do even more.

Time is the most valuable resource, so any gadgets that can save you money are well worth it. Without a doubt, here’s a list of 20 devices that you and your team can use to improve your productivity.

Doxie Go

It is important to save space and time in an office environment. Here comes the portable Doxie Go SE.

Scan paper documents, receipts or photos and send them to your computer or cloud service in seconds. The Doxie Go SE is compact, lightweight and only takes up more space than a packed magazine, so you can take it anywhere. The rechargeable battery keeps track of you up to 400 scans per second. Charge.

Don’t have a computer with you? No problem for Doxie Go SE. No driver needed – just add your document and scan. Doxie Go SE saves scans to an expandable SD card or sends them directly to your email or your favorite cloud app.

SanDisk wireless baton

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is a new flash drive that allows you to access and share files wirelessly across all your devices – computer, phone or tablet. You don’t have to paste it next to the download or if you want to use the files the old-fashioned way.

Share your files remotely on multiple devices at the same time without internet or cables. As long as the flash drive is nearby, you can stream music and videos to up to 3 devices at the same time. Free up memory on your phone or tablet – SanDisk Wireless Stick has a memory capacity of 16GB to 256GB.

Jabra Speak series

Jabra offers high-quality headphones that are great for productivity in their own right – you can listen to music and block out other annoying sounds around you. But they also go further and offer tools and solutions for companies.

The Jabra Speak series is a series of speakers that enable conference calling. They provide clear, crisp sound and help solve technical problems during conference calls. This is especially helpful if you have an outside team – you can have effective meetings without having to deal with technology issues.

Luxafor (Luxafor)

Luxafor works wonders for your productivity when you are in an open office environment. When you share the same space with colleagues, the distraction can be constant. By using Luxafor, your colleagues can know when you are busy and need to concentrate and when you are available to chat.

Luxafor connects to your computer with a USB cable and allows you to tell your team if you are free or busy by flashing either green light (available) or red (busy). It helps keep interruptions to a minimum so your colleagues know when not to disturb you. In addition, Luxafor can be synchronized with DeskTime to automatically light up red or green according to the program you are working on.