post5 - 2017’s Top Solid State Drives

2017’s Top Solid State Drives

With all the Solid State Drive selections available for your grasp, it’s easy to pick one and stay unsure of what it might bring. Though, finding the best ones that excel in speed, durability and storage performance needs a little bit of clear thinking. To make it easier for you, here’s a collection of top Solid State Drives that will meet and even exceed all your expectations this 2017.

Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD

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Source: Pcper – Speedy, enduring performance

Upgrade your computer’s system performance with Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD. Rocketing up to 550 MB/s for sequential read and 515 MB/s for write speed, this simple and fast SSD is intended for mainstream desktops and more. Its random read speed hovers up to 92,000 and 65,000 IOPS for its write speed. Its enhanced endurance and power consumption sets it apart from other Solid State Drives, taking its name from being more than just a flash-like speed storage.

Packed with upgrading features, this device offers large storage volume for your data and furnishes SSD Utility management software that will help you monitor your OCZ drive and SSD performance. And when talking about endurance, Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD can’t be last in line, with endurance ratings that travels up to 592 TBW, as well as enhanced computing that will change the way you experience mobile computing.

HP S700 Pro SSD

Housed with high quality 3D NAND chips and a new technology of advanced wear balancing algorithm tested for extreme durability, this premium SATA III SSD is what your PC needs for a mighty boost performance. With up to 512MB DRAM Cache, you can give your daily computing capability a remarkable transformation, with a speedier start-up counting for your system, a firing application launch, and an impressively receptive and suave multitasking performance. HP S700 Pro SSD is a reliable Solid State Drive that excels an endurance of up to 340 TBW and manufactured to the industry’s top HP standards.

To add up with the advanced technologies applied in the drive, a Higher Order LDPC Error Connection also backs your data with security and integrity as well as TRIM, for a performance level maintenance. Moreover, your PC environment will experience better stability and heat dissipation with HP S700 Pro SSD all metal body.

Crucial MX300

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Source: VR Zone – Designed for excellence

With write speeds that reach up to 510 MB/s and read speeds that reach up to 530 MB/s, your system performance is ensured to be in an accelerating boot. Paired up with the Dynamic Write Acceleration technology, your drive will take on flashing speeds, by means of its single-level cell flash memory and a flexible pool of high-speed. Compared to a hard drive, Crucial MX300 is generated with Extreme Energy Efficiency Technology that helps in reducing the drive’s consumable power usage. Consuming only an active power usage of 0.075W, it is very much energy efficient.

Aside from that, it’s protected with AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, Exclusive Data Defense Technology and RAIN technology. This durable Solid State Drive has an endurance assessment of up to 220TB as well as an Adaptive Thermal Protection technology that cools your system and prevents it from the harms of overheating. With Crucial MX300, you know you’ve found a fast-performing, enduring and efficient SSD that prioritizes your storage performance and advancing technologies.

Samsung SSD 850 Pro

If you’re one to have heavy workloads and computer-based profession, then Samsung SSD 850 Pro is a good deal. It tops both in its endurance and speed, with varying capacity of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB up to 4 TB. Its sequential reads reaches up to 550 MMB/s at the same time random reads that scope up to 100,000 IOPS. You can store in up to a spacious capacity of 4TB and entrust your data with its AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Samsung SSD 850 Pro can endure up to 600 TBW and protected with Dynamic Thermal Guards that keeps it damaged from overheating. You can enjoy all these functionalities with the product’s back up of 10-year limited warranty.

Transcend SSD370S

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Source: Wootware – Durable data security

This Solid State Drive is claimed for its intensely quick transfer speeds available at low cost. With its remarkable DevSleep support, your battery conserves more power and features a fast response time that lets your productivity start in an instant. Besides that, it also features a recycling system, Error Correction Code, System Clone Utility and more that will step up your system’s level of reliability.

If you want to keep an eye of your Transcend SSD in remaining clean, speedy and fault-free, SSD Scope application is downloadable. Transcend SSD370S includes a 3.5-inch bracket that is a definite appeal when upgrading your computer. Its capacity level for storage starts from 32GB and up to an expansive storage of 1TB. Furthermore, your data are always protected in a close-fitting encryption and trusted durability.

SanDisk Extreme Pro

SanDisk Extreme Pro boasts of its blazing 550MB sequential read speed for a consistent efficiency without the hassle of stutters, stalls and delays. You can take your drive’s performance in full-visibility, and stay posted with firmware updates with its SanDisk SSD Dashboard. In addition to its speedy performance, you can also take your work and play as long as you want as it provides long-lasting battery charge. Should you have any issues, you’re always covered with its long, trusting warranty of 10 year limit. This top performing Solid State Drive guarantees your data is ensured in a top-quality storage depository.

Patriot Torch LE Solid State Drive

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Source: Patriot Memory – For a higher utility competence

Patriot Torch LE SSD assures you’ve chosen the right tool to equip your system’s competence. Storage capacities range from 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and up to 960GB all available to fit your storage needs. This is housed with a SATAIII 6Gb/s interface and has transfer speeds that flies up to 560MB/s for read speeds and varying ratings for write speeds. Also, this competent SSD contains advanced features that certify your data is in proficient utility, including an advanced garbage collection, wear-leveling, smart and guaranteed flash technology, ECC and ETEP, an end-to-end-data path protection. Besides, Patriot Torch LE’s reliable usage is protected in a 3-year warranty.