post7 - Cheapest Cloud Storage Services of 2017

Cheapest Cloud Storage Services of 2017

Here’s the current dilemma: You’re running out of place to store your files. Loads of data are still needed to be filed and you’re on the hunt for options that can help you store your important documents. The physical storage drives you own at the moment can’t help since they have been long filled with existing files as well― your photos, music, videos and documents etc. And you can’t afford shelling out money from your pocket as yet. So what option do you need for a cheap data storage that can still go trusted?

Go online! Yes, there are plenty of apps that can render their storage service to you online. There, you can keep your files and get access to them every time you get hold of the virtual world. Here are a must try storage online tools you can choose from:

Google Drive

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Source: TechnoBuffalo – An effective all-in-one package

Set and built from the mighty Google, Google Drive is one of the most effective storage devices for keeping digital content. It gives you a 15 GB of space in your Drive for free. Here, you can not only have a secure way of storing your files but you also get to edit your stuffs online across varied computer devices. It is a synchronization device that allows you to synchronize files & digital data. Google Drive is also integrated with the Google’s other services and systems– including Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google Video and Google itself.

Other applications offered include Google Docs, Sheets & Slides etc. You can share files to other users which are great for team effort since it permits collaborative efforts of editing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms etc. All these can be stored and linked via Google drive. Now all you just need is to download the application to get you started with all its delighting features.

Pricing: $89/month for100 GB

$479/month for 1 TB

$4.799/month for 10 TB


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Source: Box – Not your ordinary box

Another well-known cloud storage tool, Box is widely used across the world especially by users who are into business. Set as the industry’s standard for secure and powerful data storage, setting your business plans here is unarguably worth it. It’s all about competency, security and affordability. You can trust your confidential files from infuriating intrusions with its strong encryption or have the option to manage your own encryption keys. Access your files with ease and confidentiality and do file-sharing. Not only does it provide fast-paced service, Box is also in collaboration with thousands of leading apps bounded together in one fixed goal: to increase your content’s productivity.


Business Plans: US$17/month for unlimited storage

Individual Plans: US$11.50/month for 100 GB


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Source: Imediago – Efficiency beyond the box

Dropbox highly features Dropbox Paper, which is a new way to capture team efficiency in a doc. Connect with your team and share ideas in a one-of-a-kind, flexible workplace. Here you can create, review, and organize your work at any time of the day. You can start investing your contents with a free 2GB of data storage. With Smart Sync, you can manage your files in a simple and smart synchronization. Dropbox is set with supportive servers as well as additional features. Steam and share your large collection of files, videos and photos and enjoy its great accessibility Join the bounteous community of users and be one of those who have harvested its proficient service.


Dropbox Plus depends on your chosen subscription plan and your billing country

Dropbox Business depends on your team’s size and your billing country

Dropbox Basic is free of charge for 2GB

Amazon Drive

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Source: Multipelife – For a secure and convenient drive

Photography enthusiasts need a secure place that can suit all their needs. With Amazon Drive, there’s no need to look any further. This is designed in a cool web interface, which provides a large, sufficient space for all your stuffs to stay bounded. Using any of your devices, you can access your photos, videos and documents and rely on its great security.

Aside from that, Amazon Drive impresses users with how it can greatly backup photos. View and organize your files by starting a free account of 5GB storage. For Amazon Prime members, a generous gift of unlimited space is provided. To experience all these things, it’s about time you indulge in this dependable Cloud Storage app.

Pricing: $11.99 a year

Microsoft OneDrive

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Source: Apptivo – A must-try smooth drive

Microsoft OneDrive owns a striking feature set and an easy-to-use, enhanced interface. Managing your data in this storage app is not a pain in the neck, considering its simple and convenient totality. This works flexibly on all devices, so accessing your files, photos and videos anywhere won’t be a hassle. You can stream your data storage using your iOS, PC, Android or Mac while enjoying the app’s smart syncing. Besides, Microsoft OneDrive is integrated with Windows 10. You can work seamlessly with Excel, OneNote, Word and PowerPoint from any of your devices.

Moreover, this Cloud Storage service is recognized for its reliable, high-functioning utility which is one reason why several employees flock around to use this, added by its productive tools that greatly help in securing confidential company data.

Pricing: $99.99/year


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Source: TwentyNext – For a Mega storing capacity

Not all Cloud Storage apps offer a large space for your data storage for free. Mega doesn’t only give an affordable cost for subscription but it also provides a sprawling 50GB of data storage all for free. Well, 50GB is enough to pump you at an instant and convince you to upgrade for more. Mega is obtainable for major platforms and can be accessed by their apps or by your web browser. Your files are always in synchronization and protected by a tough end-to-end encryption. Using Mega’s service ensures you that all your contents are locked in an integrated security. Stream your files and connect with all your contacts with privacy anywhere at any time. With all these features, Mega should definitely be added to your list.


50GB for free

€4.99/month for 200 GB