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The Most Durable USB flash drives

When choosing a USB flash drive, ample storage capacity and quick file transfer speed are not the only factors to be considered properly. For those with more professional and on the go lifestyle, it’s only reasonable to anticipate for a data storage that caters more than what is expected. With all the demands that need to be attended, speedy and reliable USB flash drives are sometimes not enough.

Having a fast, high functioning, and efficient plus, painful to the wallet device is equivalent to nothing once it slides off from your hands and take a heart-stopping solid drop on the floor. Even more once it dives in a swirling sink of liquid or when you mistakenly forget where you last place it and the next day find it misplaced in the piling mound of laundry about to take a voyage. No matter how much precaution, accidents always have a way in mixing up with your business. And the physical and internal damage that goes after it is permanent. Retrieving your most important files can take a lifetime, which is nothing more but a big exhausting pain in the neck.

And you don’t want to go through that long hassle. To prevent such from happening, what you need is a rugged, hardcore device that can survive any damage. Gathered are the most enduring and heavy-duty USB flash drives to ensure your files are always in a safe location at any given rough situation. At the end of the day, it’s always “better to be safe than sorry.”

Lacie XtremKey USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive

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Source: Lacie – For an extreme data shield

This device allows you to take it to the extremes. Designed to be as close as indestructible, you can be confident that it can sustain any insane, harsh beating at any time. One thing about this USB flash drive is that your usage is not limited and conscious. It can endure temperatures as blazing as 200 degree Celsius and as chilling as -22 degrees Fahrenheit and survive from a 200-m submersion of water. Lacie XtremKey USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive is as hardcore as it looks, constructed from ZAMAC metal alloy and hermetic, rubber O-ring that is intended to protect your data at any costs. All your files are secured inside a 2mm casing that acts as a shield from outside damage. Featuring shock, pressure, drop, cold, and heat resistance, you know you’ve chosen well with your data storing.

EP Memory Gorilla Ruggedized USB Flash Drive

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Source: EP Holdings – A reliable rugged device

Covered in a sharp silicon casing with metal attachment loop and crafted from anti-scratch, anti-shock TPU material, this USB flash drive attests its great durability. Offering extreme resistance to pressure, impact and water, EP Memory Gorilla Ruggedized USB Flash Drive is a real gorilla when it comes to prioritizing your security. This rugged flash drive is as tough as it looks, completely free from unwanted scratches and wears. Plus, it offers an easy grip that can fit on your fingertip firmly, to let you get a tough hold of it. Exceptionally handy, durable and steady, you should never leave home without this.

Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth Rugged USB Flash Drive

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Source: DigitalDjTips – For a Surviving Data Storage

While you’re climbing on the rockiest, back-breaking mountains on earth, you need not to worry about your flash drive falling from your hand and breaking into pieces. Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth Rugged USB Flash Drive lets you take on any adventure you have in mind without having to fear about the safety of your files. Whether you’re diving in the deepest waters or jumping all around the jungle, your files are guaranteed to be in safe care as it is packed with an impact and vibrant-resistant feature and waterproofs up to 200 meters. Encased in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum cover in a rugged stealth black external, it’s an impeccable match for the rugged surviving wandered in you.

Verbatim Dog Tag Rugged USB Flash Drive

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Source: On the Go Magazine – Resiliently wearable flash drive

Just in case you’re tired of holding your flash drive in your hands, you can always purchase this uniquely sturdy and wearable device. Misplacements cannot be avoided, that is why this flash drive literally saves your day. No more unexpected findings in the trash bin. No more chaotic rambling in your room. No more long, torturous revival of where you had placed it last. Verbatim Dog Tag Rugged USB Flash Drive, reaching for your files would be as quick as a blink of an eye. Structured in a dog tag style of metallic bead chain and housed in a rubber rim, it is dust, debris and water-resistant. What a fun way to wear your files and shelter it.

Samsung USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive

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Source: Samsung – Metallically the real deal

Shockproof, magnet-proof, waterproof, temperature-proof and even X-Ray proof, Samsung USB 3.0 Rugged Flash Drive is spot on when it comes to your files’ protection. Housed in a complete glistening metal case together with a huge key ring hole, it is simply designed for survival. Using this, you know your important data are always stored in an intensely durable flash drive. Gone are the days when you still have to fear about your flash drive getting stumped by heavy feet and turning all your files into broken tiny bits. Thanks, to this highly enduring, metallic device, you can store your files with confidence.

Lacie Rugged Key 64 GB All-Terrain USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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Source: Amazon – For a Deadlock Protection

Say you’re on the highest floor of your office, and you accidentally drop your most treasured USB flash drive containing the copy of your report for your most awaited presentation. For ordinary flash drives, this scenario might just be about the worst, terrifying nightmare. But for Lacie Rugged Key 64 GB All-Terrain USB 3.0 Flash Drive, the case is different. This incredibly tough USB flash drive is made up of resilient rubber that can survive a 100-meter drop. In addition to that, it’s heat, cold, water and dust- resistant. So, the next time you drop the one fragile device you own, you already know what to buy next.